Today, Tanner & I
spent some time at 

It's a bluegrass, folk, Americana, 
roots music festival held
every year in Silver City.

The weather was perfect for it.
perfect for snuggling up with a blanket
and swaying to the tunes together.

One of my favorite parts
about any festival or event 
in this town
is the fact that this one AWESOME guy
with his signature bandana
can always be seen dancing 
just below the stage.

The dancing man with his white bandana on his head.  Performance art in action.
It's like he's a reincarnated eagle,
moving his arms in the slowest
most graceful flapping motions
I've ever seen.
I love it :)

All in all,
the festival was wonderful.
Especially when "Mike & Ruthy" 
were playing - so good.

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  1. you're so cute!
    i just love live music... especially outdoor live music...


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