Adventures in Cooking

We had some friends over the other night for dinner and boardgames,
and I had a first.

While broiling my salmon,
something amazing happened.

It lit ON FIRE.

I was standing there, in my kitchen,
getting ready to take a peek at the fish
when flames began to whip about the baking pan.

First thought: hmmmm.
Second thought: oh dear... !?!?!?!

Then, to my own surprise, I nonchalantly opened the oven door,
held the flaming pan at arm's length (with my oven mitt, of course),
and set it upon the stove.

The flames went out within seconds.
And my salmon was miraculously cooked to perfection
with only the slightest touch of crispiness on the edges
and succulent flaky meat inside.

It was like I MEANT to do it.

So there you go, guys.
I made flame-broiled salmon like a boss.*

*Disclaimer: couldn't do it again if I tried.


  1. Hahaha! That's amazing! Next step: cooking DVDs for your Etsy store. Perfect for cooking calamities. Complete with the tagline "Flame-broil like a boss." Haha!

    Glad I'm not the only one to set food on fire. I was once one degree shy from calling the fire dept after a bout with broiling pork chops. Hmm... what is it about the broiler? Let's just say: The meal was far from divine. ;) Oh, and there was that one time with the aluminum Sonic burger wrapper in the microwave....

    Thanks for the laughs! Whew! -Ally S.

    1. Bahahaha!!! I LOVE it! So glad you got a laugh out of this! And I'm happy to know I'm not alone either! I think the broiler is indeed a wild beast. Not sure if I'll ever trust it... :P Oh! And I've caught Tanner doing the very same thing with a Sonic wrapped sandwich! :D


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