This Week in Food...

I tried some new recipes this week...
Here's the breakdown!

Thoughts:  3 out of 5
The dish was a little bland for me...
More kalamata olives and greek yogurt seemed to do the trick!
Make sure you don't overcook the shrimp!

Thoughts:  4.5 out of 5
I loved this dish!
The Bacon + Broccoli + Chickpea combo was tasty and filling!
Pair it with a nice white chardonnay and you're set :)

Wednesday:   Tex-Mex Confetti Pizza
Thoughts:  4 out of 5
My dough overcooked in the middle (which made removing the pizza quite a challenge!)
So don't preheat the pan too much (even though the recipe tells you to!)
The beans, corn, and tomatoes were delicious!
I just used mozzarella cheese and added pieces of smoked turkey... so tasty!
P.S. Did you know that you can make "Stuffed Crust Pizza" using string cheese?
Slice or tear the cheese into thinner pieces and then roll it into your crust, 
making sure the dough wraps around the cheese... it's pretty good!

Thoughts:  5 out of 5
This dish is so simple and quick to make
and it has great flavor to match!!!
I used Romano cheese (it has a lot of flavor) as an alternative.
Definitely doing this one again!!!

So these are some new recipes I tried this week...
I found all the recipes in a Cooking Light magazine!

Things to come:
- Pan Seared Hoki with Farmer's Market Salad
- Black Bean and Corn Soup
- And more!

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  1. wow. what a good little cook you are!
    those all look so amazing.


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