Tiffany's in Paris...

On September 12th, I had the honor 
of helping throw my good friend Drea 
a bridal shower.
She has a sweet love of all things Parisian 
and a flair for the 40s era.
So, we got creative and threw a party 
classy enough for Audrey Hepburn! 
Here are a few of the details...
 I painted some fun signs for Drea to keep - 
this one says Lorenz (her future last name!).

Drea - the beautiful bride-to-be!

Another sign, this one says "I love you"

Drea in her heels... adorable!

"Tiffany" boxes I made! 
Just painted some boxes and tied white ribbon!

I made double-stranded "pearl" necklaces 
for the guests' favors; each had a teal ribbon bow!

Some of the fixings... fresh fruit for fondue!

A group picture!

Hey look! Audrey showed up!

Overall - it was such a fun soiree to throw!  
Aside from making all the fun details, my favorite part
was seeing Drea enjoy a day with people who love her
and couldn't be more excited for her coming journey!


  1. That is amazingly cute and creative and adorable! I love these pictures!

  2. Thanks so much Alissa! :D We had fun, that's for sure! :D


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