Alrighty Then.

Hello wonderful people of the world.
Today shall be a random posting for sure.
I just feel like rambling about my scattered thoughts 
- maybe it'll help me to focus.

Life has been pretty wonderful in many small ways lately.
3 weeks ago (I think?) I did an open mic night at my favorite coffee place in town, Espresso.
It was fun! 
I always get nervous before I play a show, 
even though there are only a handful of people that will attend 
and I'm fully capable of singing and playing with no issues.  
Despite the nerves, I did get a boost of confidence from something unexpected.

I tried out a new hairstyle, which was bold, funky, and a little extroverted for me.
It's surprisingly easy, you just need some length to pull it off.
My favorite song I sang that night was "Hero" by Regina Spektor 
- I played an acoustic version.
I love how much raw power that song has.

Another happy experience for me was a quick solo road trip to Anaheim
I took last week to visit my aunt, uncle, and their 2 lovely children.
It rained nearly the whole time I was there, but I loved it.
On those few cold wet nights, my uncle lit up their brick fireplace
and we stayed up late watching the embers, drinking wine, and talking about life.

My little cousins were adorable, completely enthralled with the coziness 
of blankets, dim lighting, and the crackling fire.
So much beauty in simplicity.

Leaving was sad.
I realized it was probably going to be my last trip to California 
for a long time.
These next few months are getting so crazy 
and then I'm getting married
and then I'm moving
 and then 
and then
I'm gone.


  1. I tried to do my hair like that yesterday and it ended up looking stupid.

    Yours looks adorable though! <3

  2. i love, love, LOVE the heidi braid! I wish my hair was longer so I could do it.

  3. you pull off that hairstyle so well! when i tried it, i couldn't quite get it to stay in place, and for the few moments it stayed it just looked goofy. i need to learn to do it the way you do. :)

  4. @ Chelsea & Drea - thanks for the love! I thought they were fun :)

    @ Suzy - I followed this gal's tutorial:
    Good luck!


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