It's the Final Countdown!!! (cue music...)

3 Days
18 Hours
55 minutes


the end of the world?
I make myself a 
deliciously scrumptious 
my next bm?
no, silly friends.

The countdown leads to my biggest milestone yet:


It's the beginning of a new life for me.
And for Tanner!

We've known each other for some time.

Us Graduation Day - 2006
(Extremely flattering picture of me, I know :P)
And we've always had these commonalities:

1.  An extreme love for FOOD.  
Seriously, can't get enough of it.  
Which is good and bad. 
Actually, it's just plain good.

2. A knack for conversation.
We're both talkers.  
All kinds of topics, shallow or deep, we talk it out.  
Preferably over food. Hmm...

3.  HUMOR.
I make poop jokes, and he gets me.
Now that's the kinda love I'm looking for.
4.  Athletic Things of Sorts, YES.
We strangely bond over long walks,
strenuous mountain bike rides,
and the ever so sweaty and spandex ridden racquetball match.
Confession:  I have yet to beat him at racquetball, but it'll happen.
By golly, it'll happen!!!! 

5.  Faith.
Now, Tanner & I haven't always shared a faith in Christ,
but after a year of us dating, 
it became apparent that our relationship 
was founded on something new,
something incredible and redeeming,
and that, my friends, is Jesus.

Sharing a foundational belief in God 
and committing ourselves to live by His standards
is the sole reason (I believe) we made it 
through 3.5 years of a distance relationship.

And moving forward into marriage, 
I know that we'll rely on that same faith 
and relationship with Christ to make it through
all of the craze-tastic adventures heading our way.

So, you beautiful readers out there...
What advice to you have for a nearly wed gal?
Any strange things I should know about before I get hitched?
Like in pregnancy, when no one tells you you'll poop on the delivery table?
Anything entertaining out there?


  1. aww you guys are so stinkin' cute! I love cute couples. Naturally :P But for real, so excited for you two!!

    And man oh man, I can't wait to find out about that last bit...I mean...I can, really but yeah!

    And my advice??? Stay on birth control! haha It totally changed the way I thought Alan and I would begin our marriage. He's still super amazing and great, but me?? I'm a blob. A moody, bloaty blob. WOOOHOOO! Just what Alan signed up for hehehe

  2. Marriage! I be seeing y'all soon!

  3. You might poop on your honeymoon....

    Don't worry, its natural. And yes, I have heard that it WILL happen again when you have a baby.

    See you Friday...word.

  4. @ Alissa - I love it!!! I'm totally going to take your advice... :D I know I'd be a blob too! At least you're a cute blob!

    @ Bryce - YAY! I know! I'll see you Saturday at the rehearsal!

    @ Liz - Can I just say I love you? Pooping on my honeymoon, eh? That's just my style. :D See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  5. my advice: treat him with respect, even when you don't think he deserves it. serve him without expecting anything back. because when someone treats you like that, you can't help but reciprocate.
    also: marriage is my favourite thing probably ever. you're going to freaking love it.


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