Hello world.

Today is my wedding day.
wow wow wow wow
I just wrote my vows in a bathtub 
with some truffles for company.
Can't wait!


P.S. - if you would, please pray for us?  
For energy, health, smoothness, beautiful memories, 
and for us to be present and in the moment, 
savoring every second of this kickoff to a new adventure.



  1. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you! I hope you were able to get at least a little sleep haha (I know I didn't!!). Just take the time to enjoy every moment...look around the room and soak everything in once in a while. It goes sooo fast! I wish I could be there today!

  2. Yah!!!!!!! Congrats! You were a beautiful bride!!!

  3. Jessie, you were the most beautiful and at peace that I have ever seen you. Everything fell in place perfectly and it was incredible to watch. You continue to amaze me. I love you!


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