And we're OFF!

Hello from Silver City, New Mexico!!!!!!!

Here are some updates:

The wedding was incredible.
Sooooo worth the wait
and the work
and the trials.

I cannot explain the joy I have,
spending every day with Tanner 
after being apart for so long;
3.5 years of distance is exhausting, 
and now we can rest :)

As soon as I have our fancy photos, I shall share!

The honeymoon in Corvallis, Montana was relaxing...
and very much needed.
We played boardgames, watched movies,
and went thrifting together.
Plus, I ate my weight in pasta.
Good times.

Immediately after our Montana adventure,
we drove from Las Vegas to Tuscon
and then Tuscon to Silver City.
(Tanner rear-ended me 20 minutes into our drive... 
great start to our marriage! hehe)

First impression when driving into Silver City:
Okay, God. 
Your will be done!
(And then some relief when I saw the historic downtown, 
colorful art galleries, trees, trees, trees! etc.)

So now, we're here!
Renting a house, finally unpacked,
figuring it all out...

I need to put up some pictures of the place, 
and tell you about a few more of our adventures...
But alas, it's a tad late for my schedule... 
Goodbye for now, beautiful people!

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