Living with no shame...
(For Your Viewing Pleasure.)

it's something I've had to embrace, 
given that I normally take pictures like this:

Tanner, Me, & His Family - Disneyland 2006
Everyone looks awesome!
And then...
Well, there's me.
And it looks like I have one tooth.
Just the one.

And it gets better.

Tanner & I - Summer 2008
 But I live it and love it,
as displayed here:

Me with Tanner's family, Christmas 2010
I'm beginning to see a pattern here...
Tan sure brings out the best in me.

Gotta love it.

Now, my friends,
go out 
and live shamelessly. 

P.S. - House tour to come!

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  1. HAHA!! I like your one tooth. Can't wait for the house tour =]


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