Zombies & Valentines

I had high hopes for Valentine's Day.

They consisted of:

1. A fort.

2. A laptop playing a zombie movie 
(inside this fort).

3. Scary zombie-esque food 
(like spaghetti bloody brains, etc. 
- also inside said fort).

4. Intense virus/zombie board game inside fort 
(such as "Pandemic" or "Last Night on Earth")

5. Fudge 
(because I like it) 
inside le fort.

As I planned on how to create 
such a fantastic creative night, 
I ran into a few problems:

1. Fort building - when lacking furniture - becomes nearly impossible.
(This is what I had to work with:)

Living Room Couch. Kinda.
As you can see, my couch isn't very elevated.
And it consists entirely of pillows and a stray blanket.
Such is life.

2. We have no zombie movies.
Saddest day ever.

3. Zombie-esque food... I made the brainy-looking pasta,
but somehow, the theme was lost :(

4. Alas, we were too tuckered out for board games last night.

5.  But the fudge... well, Tanner delivered.
(with a Valentine Haiku...)

In the end,
not too shabby.


  1. awwwww so sweet. You've trained him quite well with the haiku-ness! I love that you made a fort- that was actually going to be my plan as well, because I thought we weren't going to have time to go on a date. LOVE you.

    P.S. Meegs and I are sending a "LOVE PACKAGE" your way =]

  2. hahahaha i loved this post. the haiku definitely saves the day.


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