The Silence and the Sound

I never expected New Mexico 
to be beautiful.

But it is.

Here in Silver City,
the rains turn the rolling hills green.
The skies are full of heavy clouds almost every afternoon -
ready to wash the land,
and the mornings are quiet 
and still.

Sometimes, if I'm lucky,
I'll wake up to hear the gentle steps of a mule deer
walking through my yard.
I get so excited to watch in awe from my window,
the sky barely glowing with the coming dawn.
It takes my breath away.

Last night,
My husband Tanner and I 
went out on a little hike 
not far from our home with our pastor, 
just as the sun set.

We walked into the wildlife refuge with the hope
of hearing an elk bugle.

As we stood there,
straining our ears,
I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed -
Overwhelmed by the quiet,
by the stillness,
by the feeling of being at peace 
in some 

In that moment, I thanked God.

I thanked Him for His creation,
for the way He breathes the stillness to life,
just as He did my soul.

In the end,
I heard a faint bugle
a distant echo carried in the wind.
But it was beautiful.

We shall try again soon.


  1. I love this. Beautifully written. <3

  2. Wow, that second picture is beautiful. Amazing shot!

  3. @Jamie- Thank you :)

    @Alissa- I'm glad you like it! The rain here is incredible... you'd love it.

    @Camille- Indeed. How were you able to leave this place?!? :D

  4. Thats awesome! I'm glad I get to see pictures of greenery. All of the others ones I've seen have been so brown, like here =P


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