Let's Get Physical!

Me in my more active days
I don't know 
what it is about surfing Pinterest
that got me so motivated to 
get into shape,

but I guess all the healthy recipes
and workout ideas 
planted a seed.

Plus, a friend of mine
from high school 
started blogging about
her journey to get healthy...

I decided to try 
a detox/cleanse.

Have any of you 
ever done
one of these before?

I haven't.

My friend, Melia, tried one out
through a company called
about a month ago 
and really enjoyed it.

You order a sort of kit
that will last you 9 days 
(technically 11)
which provides you with
the shakes,
cleanse mix,
all that jazz.

After debating the price
and whether or not
I could commit to a 9-day cleanse,
I decided to give it a shot.

here I am.

It's day 5 of 9...

and I'm feeling great.

No stomach pain.
No exhaustion.
No diarrhea.
(Sorry!  Just felt like 
throwing that out there!
I always thought a cleanse equated to 
LOTS of time in the bathroom... :P)

I am just 
plain old
feeling good.

I'm thinking about posting 
my results so far...
In case you're interested!

I'll be putting up some numbers 
(and maybe a photo)

Yikes :P

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  1. :) thanks for the mention! I'm glad you're liking your cleanse, I'm always afraid to do a cleanse!!! Can't wait to see some pics its scary stuff putting it out there, but you may be someone's motivation!


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